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Women from Ekaterinburg
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Trip date November 2022
Trip destination France, Italy, United Arab Emirates
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Trip duration Max 3 days
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Trip budget 100 $
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Paris ,Italy or warm ocean

autumn is here and the time when goosebumps from bare trees a piercing cold wind and you want to run somewhere towards the warm ocean. we are on the way or we either should immediately go "past in line to Berlusconi." I easily find a language with any people; men in formal suits, pensioners with cats, children, gays, lesbians, mothers on maternity leave love me. I am easy to climb somewhere in the direction of Italy and know how to stop when events tries to take me somewhere near North Korea. I have been suffering from Maldivian addiction for a long time…. it is important to mention this I am Punctual like Swiss Rolexes, I know how to be silent in time, so that my last word was “Yes Boss” and look through the eyes of a naive shepherdess from a Mongolian village. I can sing songs in Mongolian and discuss the device of the hadron collider. And then go in an exhibitionist suit and silk panties, so that in twenty years, you will remember our meeting as the most spontaneous and dizzying. I'm not asking for something unreal, like a circus elephant in a velvet cap Juggling oranges and pouring vine into glasses. I am pleased when a man behaves like a Man and instead of a thousand words can give something obscenely expensive, such as a Raffaello box (crossed out) ... or a new flavor for my Rolls-Royse. I hope this fall, I will be covered with a warm fleeting feeling of happiness, lightness of being. I don’t put much effort on sites, but my friends say that it works)

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