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Bobby, 28

Men from MASSACHUSETTS, Boston
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Trip date March 2019
Trip destination Iceland
Trip purpose Sightseeing, Trekking
Trip duration Max 14 days
Gender preference Men or Women
Trip budget 1000 $
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Travel Partner for Iceland

Flying into Reykjavik and using a "happy campers" van to travel around Ring Road. I've heard that Iceland restaurants are expensive so I'm just buying cheap instant noodles in such to eat on the road. Going to be sleeping in the van that comes equipped with mattresses as well as a lot of other essentials. Going to be stopping at Blue Lagoon, Black Sands Beach, National Park, Akureyri to see the Northern lights, and visit the capital city of Reykjavik. Looking for someone who likes outdoor exploration, is easy-going, and doesn't mind driving half of the time.

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Character Carefree, Patient, Funny, Balanced
Interests Active recreation, Mountains, Travels
Languages English
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